Rental Policy...

Methods of payment.

We accept checks, money orders, cashiers checks and credit card payments. There is a 7 business day clearance for all personal or business checks. There is a $30.00 Non sufficient fund fee for any returned check. 50% deposit is required upon reservation. Full payment must be received 5 business days prior to event.

Customer may notify us of a cancellation 5 business days prior to event scheduled date. If not, there is a $30.00 cancellation fee. That fee may be used if rental is re scheduled within three months from date of cancelled event.

 Rules to follow during the use of the unit

1.Only participants of compatible ages and sizes shall play in the Unit at the same time. No adults allowed. The maximum number of participants of each group that shall play in the Unit at one time shall be as follows:


2.All participants must remove shoes, glasses and any other sharp objects before entering the Unit.

3.To avoid neck and back injuries, flips are not allowed in the Unit. In the event that the Unit is an inflatable slide, participants shall not jump from the platform into the sliding area.

 4. Adult supervision is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED when participants are in the Unit. The Lessee shall be responsible for the supervision of all participants while they are in the Unit. The safety of all participants shall be the Lessee’s sole responsibility.

5.Absolutely No shoes, no food, no drinks, no gum, no cigarettes, no confetti, no sharp objects, no rough play, no flips, no hanging from nets, no jewelry. It is the Lessee’s responsibility to keep the Unit clean and free from any type of debris.

No face paints, party poppers, colored streamers or silly string to be used either on or near the Inflatable.NO barbeques around the Inflatable.

(Please note these products will cause damage to the Inflatable that cannot be repaired)

No pets, no toys.

 6.The Unit shall not be moved from the location of installation. In the event that the Unit has accidentally moved, remove all participants from the Unit and move the Unit back to the location of installation. In no event shall the Unit be removed from the address specified on the rental agreement.

7. Participants shall be kept away from the blower used to inflate the Unit. In the event that the blower is accidentally turned off, remove all participants from the Unit and turn on the blower. Do not allow participants to re-enter the Unit until the Unit has been fully inflated.

8.All the Units are equipped with a zipper designed for quick deflation of the Unit at the time of pick up. Do not allow any participants to open the zipper. In the event that the zipper has been opened, remove all participants from the Unit and close the zipper. Do not allow any participant to re-enter the Unit until Unit has been fully inflated.

 9.Keep the Unit and the blower at least 15 feet away from swimming-pools and any other source of water.

 10.Do not allow participants to jump while holding on to the netting on the Unit.

11.Lessee shall be responsible for the safe return of the Unit. In the event that the Unit is not safely returned Lessee shall pay Lessor the full fair market value of the Unit.

 12.In no event will Lessor be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any character arising out of or in connection with the use of the Unit, including, without limitation, any damages arising out of personal injuries while using the Unit.

 13.The Lessee shall have full responsibility of the Unit’s operation, including , but not limited to supervision of the participants in the Unit. Lessor and its officers, employees and agents shall not be responsible for any injuries occurred during the use of the Unit. Lessee further agrees to hold the Lesser and its officers, employees and agents free and harmless against any injury or claim , the Lessee shall indemnify and hold harmless the Lessor and its officers, employees and agents from and against any costs incurred due to claims arising out of or in connection with the use and safe return of the Unit.

14.TENTS are meant as TEMPORARY SHELTER and must be evacuated under extreme weather conditions. Tents are made of water resistant materials, they ARE NOT guaranteed water proof.

 15.Fantasy Party Rental IS NOT responsible for tree, shrub or grass damage caused by delivery or installation nor for damages to underground sprinkler systems, water, gas, or electrical lines.


In the unlikely event that the Unit begins to deflate while in operation, first remove all participants from the Unit, then check the following:

1.The motor may have stopped, in which case, check the cord connection at the outlet, remember to use no move than a 50 foot extension cord.

2. If the motor is continuing to run, check the air intake on the side of the motor for blockage, and check both tubes at the back of the Unit for snugness, re-tie if necessary.

3. Check and make sure the zipper(s) on the Unit is fully closed.

4. If you cannot correct the problem, call Lessor immediately.




WITH RENTAL ORDER OF $150 0R MORE (excluding taxes).

All other Miami-Dade and Broward zip codes for additional economy flat rate of $19.99

2.Set up and take down of tables and chairs will be subject to an additional fee. If this service is desired, arrangements must be made prior to delivery.

3.All rental rates are based on a ground floor level or backyard -within a reasonable distance of the loading area- delivery and pick up during normal working hours. For deliveries other than ground floor or after normal hours call for additional costs.

4.All rental equipment must be re-stacked in one area at time of pick up. Additional fees apply if driver needs to collect the equipment.

5.Lessee must be available at time of delivery and pick up to verify all rental equipment.

6.If the equipment is unavailable for pickup at the agreed time, Lessee agrees to pay additional charges accruing at the beginning of the next rental period.

Our hours of operation: 9 am until 10 pm  7 days a week 365 days a year!

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